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Fayetteville, NC • 910-223-7200

COVID-19 Update

Per State Of North Carolina Executive Order No. 121, we have had to make some changes to our way of conducting business. As a Fulfillment Center for, in order to fill the online orders the following steps have been taken to comply and to limit the exposure of our team members and the public:

Our hours have changed: Store Hours

To arrange pick up, please call (910) 223-7200 (leave a voicemail after hours) or text (910) 580-3953 or (910) 850-1871 24/7 (text may not be answered right away).

To comply with Section 2 line item E, the pick up procedure has changed , please call (910) 223-7200 or text (910) 580-3953 or (910) 850-1871 for appointment times and steps to follow.

For delivery arrangements, please text The $20 Moving Truck at (910) 583-5940. For faster response text "leefurniture delivery".

In order to comply with Section 3 Mass Gatherings, customers who wish to view items must call prior to entry to allow us to maintain Section 2 line item C-1.

For any questions as to the order click to view:

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Products designated "In stock now" are products that are here in our local warehouse, due to the volume of transactions and the 24/7 nature of the web site, the "In stock" numbers can change without notice.

We have several phone numbers to call or text Monday thru Saturday 10am to 5pm.
Call our store at (910) 223-7200

The following numbers are text only.
(910) 580-3953
(910) 850-1871
(910) 651-9256
(910) 635-2465

The text numbers will be staffed at different parts of the day, someone will get back to you.

"In stock" items are available to pick up at the local warehouse location.

To comply with Executive Order 121 Section 2 Line item E:

  • Please call (910) 223-7200 prior to pick up.
  • Items will be placed outside, under cover.
  • Items will need to be loaded by you and your help.
  • employees are not permitted to assist in loading or tie down of items.

Shop Over the Phone

To shop over the phone, call us at (910) 223-7200 Monday thru Saturday 10am to 5pm.
You may leave a voicemail, someone will get back to you.

You can also text the following numbers 24/7
(910) 580-3953
(910) 850-1817
(910) 651-9256
(910) 635-2465

The phones will be staffed at different periods of the day, someone will get back to you.